演講人 | 台灣

陳鴻翔 Spencer Chen

陳鴻翔先生現職 Fortinet 北亞區總經理, 自20051月起擔任 Fortinet 台灣區總經理。曾擔任台灣思科系統電信暨網路事業群副總經理, 亦曾在 IBM 服務長達18年, 從 MarketingSalesService 到 Management 領域皆有發揮, 於 IT 產業耕耘著力極深。

凌群電腦 副總經理

袁桂笙將軍現職凌群電腦股份有限公司公用系統事業群副總經理, 曾任負責國家整體安全的國安會諮詢委員、行政院海巡署參事、國防部少將處長、警總及軍管區司令部計畫處長、戶役政資訊籌建小組委員, 資安即是國安, 無論在國安及資安議題上皆有極大貢獻。

Alvin Rodrigues
Chief Security Strategist, APAC
Fortinet, Asia Pacific

Alvin Rodrigues has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. At Fortinet, Alvin is responsible for sales and marketing strategy, program development, business messaging, and the deployment of the strategies through the different routes to market across Asia Pacific. He speaks at public forums and events on security, and engages with executives one-to-one or over roundtable discussions to understand their security challenges and propose solutions optimised to their business needs.

楊銳 Raymond Yang
Firemon 大中華區總經理

楊銳博士在IT行業擁有近20年的經歷,並且在信息安全領域有超過15年的經歷。他於2012年1月加入Firemon公司, 全面負責大中華區的業務。在Firemon公司之前, 楊銳博士工作過的公司包括: Crossbeam Systems, Nokia, BlueCoat, 3Com Systems等。楊銳博士擁有上海交通大學博士學位。

Gavin Chow
Network Security Strategist
Fortinet, Asia Pacific

Gavin Chow has 15 years of experience in consulting and delivering cybersecurity projects for many industry verticals across the Asia Pacific region.

He is currently involved with strategizing Fortinet’s advanced security solutions to mitigate attacks in a modern threat landscape.

Simon Piff
Associate Vice President
Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC APAC

Simon Piff has more than 21 years of Asia/Pacific regional experience, mostly in the IT industry, serving in various sales and marketing management roles for hardware, software, services, and online businesses.

Simon runs the IT security research agenda for IDC Asia/Pacific, focusing on the needs of the chief security officer in an environment that encompasses cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and a continued and persistent attack from cybercriminals. Much has changed in this area since 1994 when he installed his first firewall, and the collision of Big Data with security, the move to a defense in-depth strategy, and the issues of insufficient numbers of well-trained staff make this a challenging area for businesses today.

Having previously covered the storage system and then datacenter markets for
IDC Asia/Pacific, his career background and IDC experience put him in the ideal position to deliver valuable insights to both technology buyers and providers.

Prior to joining IDC, Simon worked at Microsoft Asia/Pacific, defining their business intelligence, data warehousing, and data management go-to-market strategies for the region. He also worked at Digital Equipment Corporation to develop its IT security, Internet, ecommerce, and service provider business as well as with a medical dot-com in various business development and management roles.

His background provides him with a unique understanding of the issues and challenges facing both end users and vendors with regard to their IT aspirations within the Asia/Pacific markets.

In 2005, Simon received his MBA from Southern Cross University, Australia.

賴長生 Johnson Lai

賴長生先生目前任職於台灣防特網技術顧問, 負責台灣地區中大型企業/電信等資訊安全方案設計與執行。於資訊安全業界超過17年的經驗。在加入防特網 (Fortinet) 之前, 曾經擔任台灣思科與 McAfee 台灣分公司, 其間曾帶領團隊成功地取得許多大型專案。亦曾負責多面向的資安解決方案佈署與實務應用。


蔡一郎先生目前擔任 Cloud Security Alliance 台灣分會創辦人與第一屆理事長, 亦為台灣雲端安全協會理事長、The Honeynet Project 台灣分會負責人、中華民國資料保護協會監事、台灣科技化服務協會理事以及台灣資訊安全聯合發展協會常務監事, 積極投入與推動國內資訊安全領域關於偵測、分析、資安事件應變與誘捕技術之推廣與研究; 擁有 RHCECCNACCAICEH CHFI ACIAITIL FoundationISO 27001 LACISO 20000 LACBS10012 LAC 等多項國際證照, 熟悉資訊安全領域相關技術, 涵蓋系統安全、網路安全、管理制度、資訊探勘與數位鑑識等領域, 經常於產官學研界擔任相關資訊安全教育訓練課程講師, 受邀於國內外資訊安全會議演講, 目前已有34本電腦資訊圖書著作。(blog.yilang.org)

楊志豪 Bill Yang

楊志豪先生目前擔任台灣 Fortinet 技術顧問一職。以超過13年的資訊安全經驗, 協助規劃各類型電信業和企業用戶資安解決方案。曾任職於跨國電信系統整合商, 期間成功規劃並導入各類型專案。協助國內大型電信業提升資訊安全等級。