Speakers | Seoul, South Korea

Alvin Rodrigues
Chief Security Strategist, APAC
Fortinet, Asia Pacific

Alvin Rodrigues has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. At Fortinet, Alvin is responsible for sales and marketing strategy, program development, business messaging, and the deployment of the strategies through the different routes to market across Asia Pacific. He speaks at public forums and events on security, and engages with executives one-to-one or over roundtable discussions to understand their security challenges and propose solutions optimised to their business needs.

Gavin Chow
Network Security Strategist
Fortinet, Asia Pacific

Gavin Chow has 15 years of experience in consulting and delivering cybersecurity projects for many industry verticals across the Asia Pacific region.

He is currently involved with strategizing Fortinet’s advanced security solutions to mitigate attacks in a modern threat landscape.

Henry Cho 조 현제
Korea Country Manager 한국 지사장
포티넷 (Fortinet) 코리아

Henry (Hyeon Je) Cho has over 24years of experience in the IT industry. In his current position, Henry is responsible for managing Fortinet Korea office as Country Manager.

Prior to this, Henry was Senior VP of APAC sales and business development of Canadian IT security company, inBay Technologies Inc. While serving his 3 years tenure, he helped drive the company’s sales into GTA (Great Toronto Area), Eastern Canada (Ottawa, Montreal) and Asia Pacific Rim including South Korea, Japan, China and Singapore. Henry has extensive experience in driving revenue growth in global IT companies by introducing innovative technologies into new markets and working closely with channel partners. Also, Henry is a luminary in internet security, network services and equipment business with senior sales experience of working with high profile companies like 3Com and BT.

Henry graduated from Joong-Ang University in Seoul, Korea and studied network security at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada.

포티넷코리아의 한국 사장인 조 현제 (Henry Cho) 는 통신, 네트워크 및 인터넷보안 분야에서 24년 이상의 IT경력을 보유하고 있다. 그는 포티넷에 입사하기 전 캐나다 오타와에 본사를 두고 있는 인베이 테크놀러지 (inBay Technologies Inc.,) 에 근무하면서 광역토론토 지역영업 및 아시아퍼시픽 시장개발 담당임원을 역임했다.

그는 또 이스라엘의 보안기업인 체크포인트소프트웨어테크놀러지스 한국지사장을 역임하는 동안 한국 보안시장의 확대 및 성장에 큰 성과를 올렸으며, 3Com 코리아와 BT를 거치면서 통신서비스 및 네트워크장비 사업분야에서 다양한 경험을 가지고 있다.

조 현제지사장은 중앙대학교에서 역사학을 전공했으며, 캐나다 오타와의 알곤퀸칼리지 (Algonquin College) 에서 정보보안을 공부했다.

김인석 교수님

1980년 한국은행 전산본부에서 근무를 시작으로 1996년 은행감독원에서 IT검사 업무, 1998년 금융감독원 설립 준비 선발대로 은행, 증권, 보험, 신용관리기금 등 4개 기관 전산시스템 통합화 작업과 금융위 설립시 전산시스템 구축 총괄업무 담당, 1999년 금융감독원 출범 이후 금감원 전산실 초대 기획과장, 금감원 IT검사연구실 실장으로 11년간 금융기관 IT사고 분석과 대책을 마련하는 업무 담당. 바로 고려대학교 정보보호대학원 김인석 교수(사진)의 이력이다. 김 교수의 삶은 우리나라 금융 IT보안 그 중심에 서 있다. 이후 2011년부터 지금까지 고려대학교에서 금융기관 후배들에게 그동안의 현장 경험과 지식을 전수하는데 전력을 다 하고 있다.

Joon Ho Bae 준호
System Engineering Team Manager 시스템 엔지니어링 매니저
포티넷 (Fortinet) 코리아

Joon Ho Bae has more than 16 years of career experience in the IT industry. He currently manages the Korea system engineering team.

Prior to Fortinet Korea, He was working with F5 Networks, A10 Networks, Computer Associate, Narus (Boeing group, USA) and Dimension Data Korea.

Based on a varied career about Security, DataCenter IP infrastructure, Telco mobile communication and OSS/BSS technology, he has a passion to be an evangelist of Fortinet Security Fabric in order to fulfill the gap between the security requirement of customer and the Fortinet security technology.

배준호 이사는 텔코, 네트워크, 시스템, OSS/BSS 및 보안 분야에서 16년 이상의 IT 엔지니어링 및 컨설팅 경력을 보유하고 있다.

포티넷 입사 전 F5 Networks, A10 Networks, Computer Associate, Narus (미국 Boeing 그룹 보안부), Dimension Data Korea에 근무하면서 보안 기술, 엔터프라이즈 데이터센터 구축 및 텔코 모바일 통신 기술 그리고 OSS/BSS 영역까지 다양한 분야의 기술 컨설팅 경력을 가지고 있다.

배준호 이사는 포티넷 시큐리티 파브릭 에반젤리스트로써, 포티넷 테크놀러지와 고객의 보안 요구 사이 갭을 충족 시켜 주는 해결사 역할을 기대 한다.

Kyoung Oh  
Channel Technical Leader  채널 기술팀 이사
Fortinet Korea  포티넷 (Fortinet) 코리아

Kyoung Oh has over 16 years of experiences in the IT industry of information security, virtualisation and cloud. In his current position, Kyoung leads channel se team to enable channel technical readiness, alliances and deliver Fortinet vision & strategy messages to the market. Before joined Fortinet Korea, Kyoung worked as CISO in Lina Insurance Korea, Cigna Group and worked at Ahnlab Coconut – Security Managed Service Provider, McAfee Korea, Citrix Systems Korea as SE Manager.

Kyoung graduated from Yonsei University, KAIST with a degree in mechanical engineering.

포티넷 코리아의 채널 기술팀 이사인 오 경(Kyoung Oh)는 보안, 가상화 클라우드 분야에서 통신, 15년 이상의 IT 경력을 보유하고 있다. 포티넷에 입사하기 전 라이나 생명 보험에서 최고 정보 보호 책임자(CISO, Information Security Director, 이사) 임원을 역임했고, 그 전에는 IPS 제품 개발, 안랩코코넛, 맥아피 코리아, 시트릭스 시스템스 코리아 기술 총괄 SE 실장으로 클라우드 및 정보 보안 분야에서 전문가로 활동했다.

현재 포티넷 코리아에서는 채널 양성, 협력 관계 구축 및 주요 회사 세미나 연사로서 포티넷의 비전 및 솔루션 전략 등 전파하는 역할을 맡고 있다.

오 경 이사는 연세대학교 및 KAIST 대학원에서 기계공학을 전공했다.

Matthew Kuan
Director, Solutions Marketing
Fortinet, Asia Pacific

Matthew Kuan is the Solutions Marketing Director for Fortinet in Asia Pacific based out of Singapore.  In this role, Matthew is responsible for marketing messaging and content, vertical solutions, strategic marketing plans and execution for Fortinet.

Prior to joining Fortinet, Matthew has worked with Motorola Solutions as a Leader for Vertical Solutions & Marketing in Asia Pacific & Middle East, he has also amassed a great wealth of experience in developing strategies and change management in the area of sales and marketing at Avaya and Nortel Networks in Asia Pacific.

Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Computing and Information System
University of London, UK

LLB (Hon), Law (Major – Company Law & Evidence)
University of London, UK

Shikwang Jang
Technical Director APAC & Korea Sales Head

Shikwang Jang (SK) has been working in the IT industry for more than 16 years spanning roles from technical support, professional service and pre-sales engineer. And he has joined FireMon in 2014 to help build business in APAC.

He’s passionate about IT industry and has been exposed himself to many different roles and technologies so he can be an instrument to fill the gap among technology silos and even between technology and business. 

He worked for companies like Crossbeam systems, Intel Security (McAfee), Limelight Networks covering APAC region. 

B.A. & MBA

장시광 (SK)는지난 16년간 IT에서기술지원, 프로페셔널서비스, 세일즈엔지니어등다양한롤을거치며경력을쌓아왔다. 2014FireMon에입사하여 APAC 비지니스를지원해왔다. 

SK IT산업에서다양한직무와테크놀로지를경험하며다양한테크놀로지간의,또한테크놀로지와비지니스간의갭을메우는역할을하길기대한다.

SK Crossbeam systems, Intel Security (McAfee), Limelight Networks등의회사에서 APAC 롤을맡아왔다.

B.A. & MBA

Simon Piff
Associate Vice President
Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC APAC

Simon Piff has more than 21 years of Asia/Pacific regional experience, mostly in the IT industry, serving in various sales and marketing management roles for hardware, software, services, and online businesses.

Simon runs the IT security research agenda for IDC Asia/Pacific, focusing on the needs of the chief security officer in an environment that encompasses cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and a continued and persistent attack from cybercriminals. Much has changed in this area since 1994 when he installed his first firewall, and the collision of Big Data with security, the move to a defense in-depth strategy, and the issues of insufficient numbers of well-trained staff make this a challenging area for businesses today.

Having previously covered the storage system and then datacenter markets for
IDC Asia/Pacific, his career background and IDC experience put him in the ideal position to deliver valuable insights to both technology buyers and providers.

Prior to joining IDC, Simon worked at Microsoft Asia/Pacific, defining their business intelligence, data warehousing, and data management go-to-market strategies for the region. He also worked at Digital Equipment Corporation to develop its IT security, Internet, ecommerce, and service provider business as well as with a medical dot-com in various business development and management roles.

His background provides him with a unique understanding of the issues and challenges facing both end users and vendors with regard to their IT aspirations within the Asia/Pacific markets.

In 2005, Simon received his MBA from Southern Cross University, Australia